Tuesday, October 2, 2012

#55 Training

Before I got to the building, there was a whole string of other managers that either quit or got fired, one after the next. These girls were pretty smart to leave, and not endure the torture I did for two years. I guess that makes me the desperate dumbass...self realization is HARD.
My first several months, I kept getting responses from tenants saying "Oh, another one" "We'll see how long you last" "I liked the last one, where did she go?" get it. 
This may be happening all over again.  I had this fucking building in check.  They let go of the only person that could wrangle this building, with this many assholes, for this extended amount of time.  Way to fuck up, pricks.

While I was getting fired, I was informed of this new woman to take my place.  I volunteered to train her. Now, why would I do that?  You would think I would just flip the desk in rage and storm the fuck out there.
I want to believe I am a compassionate human being of sorts. In case you didn't notice, this job is fucking awful.  I was barely trained and had to figure shit out myself.  I would have loved some help.  I have nothing against this new manager, so why not help her out by passing along my wealth of knowledge?
The day after I got fired, I walked into the shitty, hot office and saw Charlotte, looking irritated with this whole event, a girl from the head office, and the new manager.

The girl from the head office gave me my last paycheck and just sat there, watching me as I was showing the new girl where things were in the computer and around the office. I'm assuming on the GM's behest, she was told to keep an eye on me, so I don't do anything crazy.  Like I give a shit.

As I'm showing the new manager things, she already seems overwhelmed. I feel bad for her and anyone else that takes this gig. She may not last long (or tolerate it just enough to write about it). Time to oil up the revolving door of managers coming and going out of this joint.

You guys remember my entertaining rent reminder signs I would put in the elevator. Well, it seems that she experienced the same thing I did my first month here, and realized that people always seem to forget to pay rent on time. She too decided to put a reminder in the elevators:

No bells and whistles.
So minimalist.
It's perfect.
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