Thursday, February 3, 2011

#6 Refrigerator

In my second month at this stupid job, I walked by this unit that had notices all over it from the US Census as well as the old manager before me.  I looked on my list of tenants, and it said that unit was empty.  I took it upon myself to open it, and it was basically abandoned with a bed, shoes, and other furniture in it.  It smelled like sweat, but whatever, I left it.

The next day, I went back because I wanted to look at the bed again.  I thought maybe I should take it, as I need a new bed and it looked kind of cool (not the mattress, just the bed.  I'm not gross).  I went in with my leasing agent...let's call her Charlotte.  Charlotte and I were checking the place out.  Before we looked at anything, we opened the fridge first.  I like looking through the fridge because people leave beer, and I always take it.

As we opened the fridge together, we discovered both the freezer and the fridge were crawling, nay INFESTED, with maggots, flies, and who else knows what other vermin.  I screamed and slammed the fridge closed.  Charlotte ran out into the hall to dry heave, and I was left standing in awe, with a face of death.

Turns out, the guy abandoned the place two months ago, and it just so happened that the fridge that was filled with perishable foods also decided to stop working.   It made for a wonderful combination. Needless to say, I didn't take the bed.
Of course, we threw away the fridge and bug bombed the whole joint.  Someone else lives there now, unaware of the terror that is THE  MAGGOT FRIDGE.
Face of Death


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