Tuesday, April 19, 2011

#17 More Elevator Signs

I've gathered another three months of my ingenious signs for these ungrateful babies.  These are what they look like when they are new and nice, but after a day or two, they are either torn down, commented on, partially ripped, or penis'd.

I'll find some signs where someone will write a stupid comment, and then someone else will comment about how stupid their comment is.  I'm thinking about just covering the elevator in butcher paper and letting people draw all over it like at the tables of Macaroni Grill.  People would just steal the crayons, though.

 Some stupid girl wrote in stupid girl handwriting "<----Sucks!" next to The Smiths. Then someone else (I'm assuming a Smiths fan) ripped her commentary out of the sign.  I guess when you don't have a pen, you just rip the shit out.  On the plus side, none of the signs were torn down that month.
I only have a few children in the building, so I went to one of their places to ask them for a crayon.  I told her I'd bring it back.  I didn't.  I was pressing too hard and broke it.  I never returned it.  Sorry, little girl.
A comment someone wrote on one of these signs was "Just be yourself."  Like I hide behind these signs because I don't want to reveal my true self.  Right.  Thanks for that, bitch.

I had to really think about all the things I would do that did not involve breaking and entering, or seem like a threat.  Seriously, everything I thought of was physically violent or just illegal.  Examples being: meeting you in your living room with a baseball bat, holding your dog hostage, stealing your couch...etc.  The arm biting I figured was PG enough, and also could not be taken as a true threat.


Natalia said...

Holy shit...this is so funny!! You're def way cooler than any property manager I know.

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