Thursday, May 26, 2011

#21 Much Needed Vacation

I was on vacation in a tropical paradise, so I have not posted.  It was a much needed vacation.  (Allow me to turn into your dad for a moment; Gas is cheaper in Hawaii than it is in L.A.  It's a goddamn island, and it takes more effort to get gas there, yet it costs less than mainland Los Angeles? Ugh.)

Of course, this awful job would not allow me to transition into going on vacation easily.  It is a fully charged suck fest until the very last moment.
  • Pigeon won't leave me alone because she is transferring units
  • Bosh Bischer still parks in my building, so I had to hunt down his parking rent
  • Some bitchy baby in an interior court unit was bitching about how she is going to call the fire marshall because she doesn't like her neighbor grilling as the smell gets into her place.  I told her that I don't bitch about the Chinese take-out place across the street that smells up my place when I open the window. 
  • One tenant was out of town, and her hose busted on her patio, which flooded it, and leaked into the unit below.  
My shoes (on the table) got ruined, as my feet were underwater
It wasn't draining correctly, so there was a hole the size of an orange that I had to push all the water through, which spilled down into the alley.  It looked like this:
I was brooming water out for an hour
For the first day while I was on vacation, I kept hearing my baby monitor ringing.  I was so paranoid.  I had to remind myself that it was not in my possession, and I was on a fucking airplane. I needed to fucking relax.
It was a blissful four days, and then I come back to:
  • Pigeon waking me up at 8am
  • A bunch of emails from babies complaining about their neighbors being too loud 
  • Jewel Arms complaining about how he scraped his truck in the garage because he's a terrible driver, like that shit is my fault
  • I had an eviction the following morning, that also woke me up.  They were trying to move all their shit out before they got locked out, so their shit was all over the hallways.  This is also on the floor I live on.
Shit blocking the elevators

Shit blocking the stairwell.  Let's not leave all those Maxims, now.
Needless to say, I wasn't allowed to transition slowly back into this awful gig from vacation either.  It was more like a violent jolt back into this job.  I hate it so much.


jilli said...

i love violet jolts..... mmm grape soda

Rabbit said...

Actually, I think your dad told me that gas is just more expensive in CA because of the liberals and their taxes.

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