Friday, May 13, 2011

#20 Pigeon III: More calls

So this JUST happened:

Pigeon: Mapple, you gotta tell that girl that lives down next to me to close her window.  She is walkin' 'round in a G-String.  It's a good thing the windows are too high for my son to see.  I got guests, and they all lookin' at that girl.
Me: Ok, I guess I can tell her to close her blinds when I see her
Pigeon: I know she gay.
Me: Oh?
Pigeon: Yeah, she got that girl living with her.
Me: I thought that was her roommate
Pigeon: No, that's her girlfriend.  I can hear them have sex all the time.  One of them is strappin' somethin' on.  

She's also developed into calling me for no reason.
Pigeon: Hey Mapple, you got some beautiful units up in this.
Me: Yeah, I guess. What are you talking about?
Pigeon: I saw that one you got vacant on the 10th floor.  It's bigger than mine, huh?
Me: No.  It's actually 200 square feet smaller than yours
Pigeon: Oh yeah?  It's got a nice view.
Me: Ok.  Is that it?
Pigeon: Yeah...

I decided to not answering her calls anymore because they are such a waste of time.  She tends to just talk and repeat.  She has no edit button.  I have saved this angry message she left.  This is verbatim:
"Mapple!  Can somebody call back, because all of a sudden  nobody ain't callin' my phone back when I leave messages in the leasing office and what not.  I need somebody to come up in here because the bathroom over flooded with water, and it got into the bedroom so I need the maintenance guy to come up here to mop...this ASAP.  Pigeon.  Bye."
She flooded her own bathroom, and wanted our maintenance dude to clean it up for her.  Fuck that.  I told him not to, but he did it anyway because he didn't want to hear her bitch.
I get that. 


Anonymous said...

I wanna party with Pigeon.

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