Thursday, February 10, 2011

#8 Lockouts and Babies

One of the jobs I have to do is let people in their units when they get locked out.  Of course, they are charged for this.  Babies will call me at all hours of the night to make me open their doors, but again, it comes with a price.

A lot of people fight me about it, which is obnoxious because if you got a locksmith to open the shit for you it would cost way more than the $20 or $40 I charge for wasting my fucking time.  There's this one bitch on the 5th floor, every time I see her, I think about how she has yet to pay me for a lockout at 11pm one evening.  I never forget, bitch.

My favorites are the super drunk babies that call me with their drunken tales of how they lost their keys, which can sometimes be amusing.  I just like watching drunk people give me money. This one tenant was stumbling in heels, in the way any drunk girl does, holding onto the walls and shit, and she tells me she got towed, paid for a cab, realized the keys were in her towed car, so I had to let her in.  On top of that shit, I made her pay me.  Expensive night.

The thing is, when you are at a job, everyone else around you is at their job, but not me.  I am at the job when everyone is home.  I get no professionalism, and I see who these  motherfuckers are at home, with no makeup, in their underwear.  The real them.  It's a weird environment to be in. 


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Love it!

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