Tuesday, July 19, 2011

#26 Things That Occured This Week

I don't have anything good enough this week that can fill a full entry, but here's a bunch of little shit that happened to me this week:
  • One baby wanted me to help him read for an audition in my office.   I had to coach him because he was terrible.  He did buy me falafel, though.
  • Instead of paying me with money when a baby got locked out, she gave me a piece of folded paper and said that it was "Some OG Kush" which I took because she seemed so happy to give it to me.  I don't smoke, so...I may give it back and make her give me booze.
  • This baby bounced his check, and sat in my office for an hour and a half bitching to me about how he doesn't think it's worth paying the $150 late fee.  He had two points that he kept repeating over and over again.  He didn't even word it differently.  He just said the same shit repeatedly as if it was a new idea.  I finally had to tell him I needed to leave, so he would leave.  I did that thing you do when you want to leave a restaurant with a group, put my bag over my shoulder and slowly stand up.
  • We had to drain the rooftop hot tub because there was a disgusting gang bang that happened in it.  Seriously.  Why the security guard wasn't looking at the camera to stop it is beyond me. 
  • We have trash chutes on all the floors, and when people don't close the chute, it stinks up that end of the hallway.  I took it upon myself to add nice Febreze Plug-Ins to that end of the hall.  I put up a sign telling people to please close the chute door and enjoy the scent of Brazillian Breeze, and to also not steal it.  So far, at least three have been stolen.  Thanks, dicks.  I guess you just saved $4.50.
    #41 has way more plot twists than #40, but less social commentary than #26
    • Also, one bitch wrote on the sign "They Stink!"....Fuck that unappreciative whore.  I would love to know who this baby is.  OH the things you can do when you have a master key that opens up every unit in the whole building!  


Anonymous said...

Ew I hope that gang bang was a consensual one. And I suspect the security guard DID see the video of it, but let's be real: he's a security guard. Watching a gang bang was probably the highlight of his shift, he wasn't gonna break that up!

Anonymous said...

First off, is THAT what that old mexican guard was transfixed to? I find the security camera to be too blurry for quality wanking material.


Natalia said...

Yes i agree, i think the guard WAS definitely paying attention to the camera...all too much.

These posts crack me up. i really can't believe all that goes down in your place. Those LA folks are crazy.

Take my recommendation about this know what it is...i don't want to say it publicly so that someone takes the idea. but do it!!! it'd be some funny $hit to watch it play out.

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